Magical Trees

Photography by Daniel Hill (

When I was a child, trees were probably some of my closest companions. I would spend hours playing in the small wooded area behind my family home, jumping across the little stream that ran through it. My cats would join me, and I would watch them hunt and explore. There was one tree, which I would eventually call my “Thinking Tree”, that particularly called to me. I was drawn to it from the very first moment I saw it. Now that I look back on it, from an adult perspective, I can see that I felt an affinity with that tree because it had fallen. The Thinking Tree acted as a bridge, from one side of the stream to the other, and, although it had fallen long ago, it was still strong enough to hold and inspire me.
My reason for spending so much time sitting in this tree, was conflict. My parents often argued, and some days I could even hear them from where I was sitting. The tree provided a kind of comfort that I now understand more fully. Although I’m sure I understood very intuitively as such a young age. Now I see the significance of my bond with the fallen tree – ¬†we have walked a similar path.
Lately, over the past two years, I have bonded with another tree. Near where I live, there is a beautiful Hawthorn passage, which seems to conjure up memories of ceremony. Either from others who have spent time there long ago, or maybe even from one of my past lives, as I’m sure I was a Druid in at least one of them. There is a strong sense of magic in this grove, and many nature spirits are present. Over the two years I have frequented the grove, a strong bond has been forged between myself and a rather strangely shaped tree. It grows sideways, unlike any of the other trees, and has three or four trunks that flow and dip, and create little seating spaces. I love to sit in these dips and feel the safety of the leaves and branches all around me, especially in summer, when the foliage is thick. This tree has a nurturing, motherly presence, and I go to her when I am feeling alone and in need of comfort. I also go there when I am feeling inspired and alive. She welcomes me in any state. She loves me unconditionally, as the Earth Mother does. I I love to play my didgeridoo in this tree, while listening to the birds. It’s such a beautiful way to connect with the Earth and the Sky. With all that is.
You see, trees are very special to me, and look forward to learning more of their secrets as I grow and mature with them. What a beautiful treat to have such companions on this sometimes difficult path of life.
I give my heartfelt thanks to the trees.