Poem Inner Child Love

Heart in child’s hand | by Lisa L Wiedmeier

A Poem for My Inner Child

When fences block your path
I will be your open field
When your enemies attack
I will be your shield
When your life comes crashing down
I will build it up
When your heart and soul feel empty
I will fill your cup

When the water’s dark and murky
I will be your purest stream
When the lights have all turned red
I will make them green

When your life moves too quickly
I will try to stop all time
When your days and nights are out of sync
I will make them rhyme
When your aching heart is heavy
I’ll carry all the weight
When feel the walls are closing in
I will be your gate
When the darkest night approaches
I will be the star that lights your way
I’ll chase away all fear and hate
and protect you every day.
© 2017 Dylan R McCabe