What Dylan's Clients Say About His Services

I had a card reading with Dylan and I must say that it was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anyone who needs some guidance and energetic balance. His words gave me a lot of clarity in times of darkness and confusion. The reading went smooth and natural. One of the things that fascinated me the most was that he could really get into the core of what I was going through, he was empathetic and reciprocal in his speech, listened carefully to everything I said, and gave me a clear feedback which resonated both with my mind and heart. It was impressive how all the cards and the symbolism he got from the cards were completely aligned to my own psychic experience. It was such an uplifting session of true openness, clarity and understanding. He has a very warm and healing tone of voice transmitting words with practical and effective answers to the confusing questions I had. I recommend his sessions 100%.
– Maria, Panama


I had the pleasure of recieving an in-depth reading from Dylan. Within the first few minutes, he shared some truths about my past that sparked a lot of confidence in his intuition and skills for me, and it was remarkable to have him note things that he couldn’t have possibly found out any other way than tuning in, as it was the first time we met. All of the cards he pulled and insights that he gave resonated beautifully. He even said a few things that felt as if they were directly channeled from my consciousness – things that I have quite literally been thinking in the lead up to this reading. That was amazing! One of the most beautiful things to me, was the recognition of my life purpose or mission… it’s so special to have that be seen! I would recommend his reading services to anyone who would appreciate some guidance or insight. And although I haven’t experienced the specific energy healing session, I do believe that some energetic healing and exchange always occurs in these settings, and from what I felt, I can imagine Dylan is a gifted energy worker. He has a very kind, empathetic, and attuned energy to him. Thank you very much again, Dylan!
– Rosie, The Netherlands


Dylan is truly a very special healer and person of a higher caliber, who works harmoniously in sync with the Ascended Masters and Mother Earth. I have had an incredible experience with him, and highly recommend! Particularly if there is energy within you that needs shifting, so you can experience a more balanced flow, and the miracles in your energy field and life that you deserve.
-Luella, Australia

I literally could feel it in my body when Dylan started and finished his energy transmission. It was an overwhelming flow of compassion in which I could sense the pure healing power lying therein – balancing, nurturing and compassionate. I felt so safe and comforted by the connection. Especially the additional messages Dylan sent me after the session was over supported this bond of sincere heartfelt understanding. I felt seen for who I am and what I needed the most at the given moment. Dylan absolutely met my needs without words (since I only sent my picture beforehand)! If you resonate and feel drawn to getting a Reiki session, even just by treating yourself to a self-loving gift, I highly recommend Dylan – it was simply elevating and loving. For me at that time it helped me very much through a moment of ‘weakness’ in a period of intense energetic shifts & changes which I feel being a sensitive person myself. It lifted me onto a new level of awareness, ease, trust and self-love which is lasting.
– Katharina, Germany

Dylan is an amazing healer. Immediately I felt very powerful, yet soft energies flowing through my body, taking me through several stages of meditation. Afterwards, crucial information revealed itself to me, which was later confirmed by Dylan’s extended report. It was spot on! The experience felt so good, and definitely led me through a new doorway to profound healing in a gentle way.
– Lisanne, The Netherlands

I had the pleasure of receiving an hour long Distance Reiki healing by Dylan. It was such a good experience. The healing felt amazing; I could feel energy starting to shift within myself and I felt I could let go of some heaviness that had been weighing down on me. The communication with him was very clear and lovely and after the session he relayed some things he had felt and messages he received which were spot on for me. I would highly recommend working with Dylan, he is such a lovely person and a strong healer.
– Elizabeth, The Netherlands


I can’t even describe how grateful I am for the Leading Edge Energy Maintenance Dylan gave me. It was amazing, I instantly felt his warm and healing energies, and my whole body was renewed within moments. The reading he gave me afterwards touched my heart on the deepest levels and completed the session in such a magical way. He gave me answers to questions I didn’t even know they would exist. I was literally blown away. He gave me some very personal information according to my heart’s desire and question, for that I am forever grateful. Dylan works on and through so many levels and dimensions, he is absolutely tender and gentle, yet strong. I highly recommend Dylan. He is magic and so is his work.
– Nadine, Germany

The first session I had with Dylan released the heaviness in my heart. I wept and became unburdened from the long deceased emotions I had been carrying for so long. I was riddled with anxiety and Dylan’s healing eased my tension. I knew as time went by Dylan would help me through the fallout from my marriage breakdown but 2 months went by before we could meet again. This time my anxiety had gone so I was more receptive to the intensity and skill of Dylan’s healing. When Dylan focussed on my solar plexus I became enveloped in white and yellow and feelings of loving acceptance and being cherished were overwhelming. Immediately a heat suffused my back and the tears flowed and my body writhed trying to free myself from energies I knew needed to go. It probably only lasted a minute or two and I felt no fear because I knew Dylan was the perfect, loving, accepting conduit. Since this session I have felt much stronger and lighter.
– Liz, United Kingdom

I received Dylan R McCabe’s Leading Edge Energy Maintenance and it was amazing. His caring and soft energy really helped me get ready for my next step. I felt fresh and new ready to create and help others. My heavy fog was lifted and with his guidance it helped me keep my focus forward. Thank you Dylan!
– Eira, Norway

Dylan is a natural shaman. He combined Reiki with intuitive and psychic work that I’ve never experienced before. During the session, I felt as though my organs and systems were releasing trauma and emotions trapped there for years. The days after the session were very powerful. I began to become more assertive, clear, empowered and strong – things I had been struggling with. I was able to stand up for myself and have firm boundaries without feeling guilt or shame or fear. The remarkable thing is that Dylan sensed all of these needs and assisted in unlocking them for me without me having told him any of it beforehand. He was loving, compassionate, strong, wise and very insightful. Definitely one of the most powerful healings I’ve ever had.
– Mai, Egypt

I highly recommend booking a session with Dylan. If you or someone you love is struggling in life to cope with any number of personal issues. I’m so grateful I had my Completion Process sessions with Dylan. He is the most warm-hearted and gentle therapist I have ever met. He gently guided me through the process and since our sessions together my life has improved greatly. I feel if it’s wasn’t for Dylan I would still be stuck in my low mood without any way to escape from my depression. Hearing Dylan’ voice helped me to feel relaxed and in a peaceful state. I felt his healing and compassionate vibe… Just being in his presence is calming and soothing. You are a star Dylan Thank you.
– Matt, United Kingdom

Dylan is a wonderful intuitive. He has a deep connection with his healing practice and he demonstrates that love vividly through his practice! He immediately picked up on things that were bothering me and gave me amazing vibrations to adopt! Thank you, Dylan!
– Cassie, USA