Getting to Know the Man Behind the Magic
Dylan drumming

Dylan was born in Birmingham, United Kingdom on 2nd April 1984.
He was born with Aries as his Sun, Moon and Rising sign.

When he was two years old, he and his parents moved to the picturesque and magical land of North Wales, where he spent much of his childhood exploring nature.  Paddling in streams, climbing trees, exploring caves and going for long walks with his cats were some of his favourite things to do as a child. He also developed a passion for writing as a child, and has taken that passion into his adult life, publishing several spiritual and nature-based poetry books and short stories.

Dylan developed a keen interest in spirituality and the supernatural at an early age, and had the good fortune to be surrounded by interesting books, artifacts and crystals as a child. Encouraged by his parents, and his own burgeoning curiousity, Dylan took his love of the mysteries and awareness of other realms into his teenage years and beyond. He is a keen meditator and loves to work with Tarot and Oracle Cards.

In his early twenties, Dylan began to explore the healing arts, becoming familiar with Reiki energy through booking sessions with a local practitioner. He had been aware of healing energy from an early age, and began to pursue his own practice. He became aware that he could channel healing energy through his hands, even before he had begun his Reiki attunement journey. He is now attuned to Reiki Level 3 and incorporates this in his Energy Work sessions.

Dylan loves to play djembe and didgeridoo as a part of his grounding and empowerment practice, and also loves to chant and sing.