Ways to Raise Your Vibration
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If you would like to contact me to discuss reducing the cost of a session to suit your current financial means, please feel free to do so. Provided it feels right for both of us, we can work something out together.


30 Minutes: £45.00
60 Minutes: £65.00
  • Gentle, relaxing & peaceful.
  • Can be facilitated in person or via distance healing.
  • Helps to inspire the natural healing ability of body, mind and soul.
  • Holds the client in unconditional, universal love.
  • 60 minute session also cleanses and clears the seven main Chakras, assisting them to function in a healthy and balanced way.
  • Any messages that may come through from your higher self and/or spirit guides are shared after the session.

    Please Email to Book a Session – dylanmccabehealing@gmail.com


Leading Edge
Energy Maintenance


  • A 60 minute distance healing, alignment and activation session.
  • This service is an ideal energy boost for healers, energy workers, spiritual counsellors and coaches, shamans, channels, and all people consciously welcoming in the New Earth.
  • Includes Reiki, Chakra Balance, inpouring of the New Energy, releasing blocks, opening the physical and energetic bodies to a greater inflow of pure light energy, and a reading of the seven main chakras.
    A full report of your chakras and energy body as a whole is also provided.
  • This service was chanelled from an Arcturian stream of consciousness, and developed by Dylan R McCabe. It is exclusively offered here.

    Please Email to Book a Session – dylanmccabehealing@gmail.com

energy maintenance
  • Medical Disclaimer:
    Unless otherwise trained or licensed, Reiki practitioners, healers, and energy workers do not diagnose medical or psychological conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment or prescribe controlled substances. Reiki is frequently used to supplement or complement medical or psychological treatment—but it is not designed to substitute for such treatment. If you are experiencing physical/psychological symptoms, please see a licensed physician or mental health care professional.

  • Cancellation:
    Please, kindly acknowledge that we fully refund our treatments not later than 48 hours before the scheduled time of the treatment. Those who cancel at least 24 hours in advance will receive 50% refund. We do not refund the treatments cancelled less than 24 hours before the start of the treatment.

  • Rescheduling:
    If you would like to change the date of the treatment, please, kindly contact us not less than 48 hours before the scheduled treatment time.