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“He traced his finger over the etched symbol, spiralling inwards, and then outwards..
A door had appeared in the stone, just wide and tall enough for him to fit through. It was as though the door had been designed solely for his use. Every single fibre of his being urged him to walk through it; and so, he did just that.”

Spiral Forest is a tale of healing and self-discovery, set in a magical realm.

When a man begins an unexpected adventure in the forest, he comes face to face with aspects of himself that he had long forgotten. Assisted by animal and spirit guides, he faces challenges that lead him to reclaim his inner power and sovereignty. With his intuition and guides leading him, he journeys to find his Queen – his Sacred Feminine.

But will the great reunion come?


poetry book spiral storm
eBook – PDF
Spiral Storm is a collection of poems and prose, created by Dylan R McCabe. Written in the ancient and beautiful landscape of North Wales, Spiral Storm is full of soothing and inspiring energy. Enjoy a healing journey through spirituality and nature.
poetry book waking dream
eBook – PDF
Waking Dream is a collection of poems and prose. The majority of the book was written in Australia, during Dylan’s nine months of travels there in 2014. This book inspires journeys of all kinds, both within the self, and in the physical world.